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"to do list"

After months of experimenting with program after application after website,  the standard "to do list" is the clear cut choice when looking for a task management tool. It just cannot be replaced, even with all the choices available out there. I couldn't stick to any of the ones I tried - but when I tweaked with the basic "to do list" I was able to achieve my objectives... with ease.

Here are some things to take into consideration when you create your next "to do list"...

- Concentrate on three main goals or objectives on your list. These are you three most important goals for the list.
* Create a new list each day.

- Concentrate on three things when making a "to do list":
1. Realistic prioritisation of the tasks.
2. Break down big tasks into smaller achievable ones.
3. Making a new list every day.

Take into consideration Pareto's 80/20 Rule;
80% of results come from 20% of efforts 
* Roughly one in five of the items on your list is truely essential.
* Remember one big task may require many smaler tasks in order to complete it.

- Spend the end of your "work time" compiling tomorrows list rather than cleaning up your workspace.
It's much better to greet the new day with a messy desk and a clear head than the other way around...
Create a "to do list" that suits your needs... here are some from the internet to give you some ideas:
Accomplish List
To Do Today
Things To Do List
To Do List with Categories
You'll never forget what "to do" with this one!

You don't need a fancy or even an elaborate list.
Clearly state your goals and if it is helpful add details or smaller tasks or goals onto the days main objectives.
Whether you make your list on the computer or with the old fashioned pen and paper, make sure it is handy and can be referenced throughout the day.
Cross out your tasks as you complete them and reward yourself when you complete your entire list. Good luck!

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