Good Karma & Gift Giving :)

Inspiration from "Gift Ideas for Good Karma" via Astrology.com

Horoscope readings are either spot on "how did they know?" accurate or just plain wrong. Read about your sign... if most of what is said could be true of yourself, then you are most likely going to get accurate readings. It varies person to person.

But even if you don't believe in the whole horoscope hype, that doesn't mean the word "karma" has no meaning to you. Its meaning is also quite varied, depending on whom you ask.

A simple, universal way to define karma would be in terms of a theory. The basic theory is 'cause and affect'. The laws decide what affect is beget from a given cause. Karma is the 'cause' part of this theory. In other words, your actions - mental, vocal and physical are your Karma (plural). 

Not only is it nice to do things for others, it also makes us feel good to do them. Karma perhaps? Well the whole idea and my friends support inspired me, to make her a couple homemade gifts. Even if I had the money to buy her whatever she wanted, a homemade gift has a lot more meaning to it than something I just bought in a store.

Sentimental value means more to some of us than material value, so the same concept applies here. Making something yourself shows you spent time thinking about that other person - what they like, their personality, etc.

If you have a friend who needs some cheering up or just need a quick, but thoughtful gift idea break out the arts and crafts supplies! If you don't have an arts and crafts supply "area", now is a good time to start one. You can put whatever you want in it to use for future projects. This is also a great way to recycle. 

Some ideas of what to stash in your craft "spot":

- Paint 
- Beads
- Iron on patches or letters
- Fabric
- Paper/Cardboard
- Scraps of wood
- Glue
- Glitter 

you get the hint... 

Sit down and think about the person receiving your gift. What would make them smile? If you are absolutely stumped "Google it". I will use Google image search if I need inspiration sometimes. For example, I need a spice rack (which I have yet to settle on a design). Google image search is a quick way to browse through many different DIY project ideas. 

Whatever you settle on, put some time and effort in it and you are sure to make someones day. And that in itself will make you feel good in return.

This post is dedicated to the little baby growing inside a certain someones belly :) Thanks for everything, I'm lucky to have a friend like you in my life and am so happy for you and your future little tater tot.